Route Class Type Price 
Dubai , B-Lengeh economy one way 450

Tickets for the above route are sold through domestic agencies, taking into account the equivalent of a weekly AED rate.

Route Class Type Price 
Khoramshahr,Kuwait first class two way 45.000.000
first class one way 36.000.000
economy two way 38.000.000
Khoramshahr,Kuwait economy one way 32.000.000


Route Class Type Price 
B-Lengeh , Dubai
economy two way 42,000,000 IRR
B-Lengeh , Dubai economy one way 25,000,000 IRR

Dear passengers wishing journey: on the ship in the direction of Blengeh / Dubai on Saturday and Wednesday at 10 AM and the route Dubai / Blengeh on Sunday and Thursday at 10 AM.

Route Class Type Price 
B-abbas, Sharjah
economy two way 0
B-abbas, Sharjah economy one way 0

The mentioned trips are canceled due to the presence of Corona virus until further notice