Valfajr Shipping Co (Public Limited Company)
Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Co. has established one independent corporate named “Valfajr 8 Shipping Co” in 1989 in order to speed up and keep its professional presence in Persian Gulf and Oman Sea zones that eventually its name changed to “Valfajr Shipping Co” in 2003.
This company is the first shipping company specialized in passengers and cargo carriage in Persian Gulf and Oman Sea zones after Islamic Revolution in Iran.
Our company plays a worthy role in people and cargo transporting from Iran Southern ports to internal islands and also to the other southern border states of Persian Gulf with having equipped Fleet and experienced employees.
Most important activities of Valfajr Shipping Co:
  • Carrying passengers and cargo Simultaneously to internal islands, Persian Gulf, Oman Sea and North of Indian Ocean states;
  • Carrying Perishable cargo like food and Dairy products, fruits and vegetables with reefer trailers and reefer containers;
  • Offering transit and combined transportation services to cover big segment of customers’ needs;
  • Offering Transshipment and Forwarding services according to our vision statement;
  • Offering Feeder services in Persian Gulf, Oman Sea and North of Indian Ocean;
  • Offering oil rigs support and services and also more services related to “OFF SHORE” industry

Safety and Quality Principles of Valfajr Shipping Co:

  • Precise implementation of safety and quality points and observance of international standards in company fleet is very important
  • All passengers who travel with our passenger fleet have valid insurance coverage.
  • All cargo and goods shipped by our cargo fleet are under coverage of valid internal and external insurance.