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Operation and Capacity
Valfajr Container’s Vessels

As at ……………….., valfajr fleet comprised a total of seven container ships, which are all certified in accordance with the ISM (International Safety Management) Code and have a valid ISSC (ISPS) certificate. The majority of the vessels are also certified as per ISO 9001 (quality management) and ISO 14001 (environmental management).
The valfajr fleet's total 6000 upto 11000 TEU capacity amounts to around more 70% of IRI feedering box’s per years out of an order book of in total four 1100 TEU ships for the Persian gulf trade . four vessels have already deployed from …………………….
valfajr vessels are specially equipped for the transport of various goods, e.g. cargo with extraordinary / oversized dimensions, reefer cargo and dangerous goods that have to be stowed and transported according to IMO-regulations.
Below you will find all valfajr ship classes, sorted by capacity. Click on a ship's name to see capacities, certificates and further details.